Fleetwood Mobile Home Reviews

fleetwood homes reviewsFleetwood Mobile Homes are a popular series of homes, with one testimonial in particular that stands out – a Hurricane Katrina survivor was pleased to report, that, even though the area in which he lived was hit hard, his Fleetwood home survived without damage. You may wonder if that was luck, but the owner was grateful and impressed by the quality of the factory-built home!

Types of Homes
The types of home vary by needs for the specific location – for example, a home in Florida will need to withstand high humidity over freezing temperatures, whereas a home in Minnesota will need to withstand harsh winters.
Building is accomplished within days in the factory, rather than in weeks or months as it would be if done on site. The floor plans are also diverse – ranging from 1100 square feet to upwards of 2000 square feet, and 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms.

Construction Materials and Construction Conditions
Fleetwood builds homes in their factory with sustainable manufacturing materials, including Owens Corning and Greenfiber insulation, National Gypsum wallboard, and Shaw flooring – all well-known for their ecological awareness and commitment to sustainability (they are all LEED Certified suppliers).

Because the homes are factory-built, inclement weather is not a consideration, and the homes are build much faster, as mentioned above. Construction considerations go “the extra mile,” such as securing additional strength and durability by nailing and gluing sheetrock to wall studs. Quality control is taken seriously – seams are double and triple-checked for matching up properly, and a final inspection is performed prior to allowing the home to be prepared for transport to its final site.

Green Construction
Because Fleetwood uses LEED Certified suppliers, and they install them properly, the homeowner will have three distinct benefits:
1.    Cost-savings, due to the useability of materials (reduced waste = money savings).
2.    Increased energy efficiency throughout the home means lower utility bills.
3.    You and your family can enjoy cleaner air inside the home (due to greener construction materials), therefore, the environment is much healthier than non-green mobile homes.

Fleetwood is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile homes in the United States. Because of their company size, they are able to negotiate lower prices on their materials. This typically means that they are able to stay competitive with pricing, and bring you a lower-priced, higher-quality home. Their best suppliers not already mentioned above include Closetmaid, Formica Corporation, Georgia-Pacific, Rheem, Senco, and Whirlpool.

Another advantage of Fleetwood is that they do have a one-year warranty. They guarantee that their mobile homes are free from defects in material or construction, insofar as their structural components are concerned.

Design Quality
Upon viewing some of the Fleetwood designs, you may think that these cannot be mobile homes. They are definitely a far cry from the homes manufactured even 15 years ago. Fleetwood has attractive, award-winning designs that come in single sections, with some around 1800 square feet, and more. Their designs utilize space in the most effective way, that many find pleasing to the eye.

Consideration for Fleetwood will depend on your personal needs, and is best for larger families as they can offer cost-effective housing that will accommodate your entire household. The best options available are the 3 and 4 bedroom designs, which are typically sectional (although some do have single-section options available, depending on the geographical area).

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