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5 Tiny Homes on Amazon You’ll Love

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One big lesson that we’ve all learned over the course of the last year has been that many things that we assumed had to be done from an office just don’t need to be, at all. As a result, we have been leaving our houses much less often and many people feel trapped within their own four walls. 

If you’re one of those people, then you might be the perfect person for one of those lovely little homes. With it being next to impossible to have a proper vacation these days, this could be your ticket to having one right in your own backyard!

Technically, yes, you are just leaving one space on your property for another, but the point is that you’re still leaving your main living space to decompress. Many of these businesses are actually family-owned, with still more that offer eco-friendly materials that won’t damage the environment with harmful sealants and other such chemicals.

Tiny Home “Kits”

Just about every kit is geared towards non-professional builders, and as a result they’re going to include every single thing you need to get started, like floorboards, planks for the walls, roof, and floor, doors, windows, mouldings, hardware, and really anything else you could possibly think of. 

All you will be expected to provide is a basic toolkit from any hardware store. They all include detailed step-by-step instructions that guide you through the entire process. It is worth repeating that you don’t need nor are you expected to be a professional to be able to build any of these. 

On average, it will take between two to five days to build with two adults working on it, meaning that you’ll be able to start relaxing much quicker than you were probably expecting. Do note that this isn’t including shipping time, which can take a few weeks depending on availability.

The best part about all of this is that there is a use for this space no matter what your needs are. When you want to relax, you can use it for a staycation. When you’re busy, that doesn’t mean that it needs to sit vacant. 

You can use it for anything you could imagine, including things like office space, an art studio, a gym, a shed, or even a guest house! If you rent out the space, you could make the money you just spent on it back within just a few months of your purchase. 

The cost of these kits run the gamut from just $3000 all the up to and beyond $30,000, depending on the square footage, how fancy it is, and other factors like the quality of the materials and manufacturing costs. 

From the humble small office space, all the way up to the huge cabin, there’s something here for every kind of person. There’s never been a better time to invest in this space. You won’t regret it.

Below, we have rounded up 5 of the best kits that we feel are the best for your money. You will notice that they are all by the same company and that is because Allwood prides itself on quality and variety in its offerings. Frankly, it’s worth looking at everything in their catalog, but these hand-picked selections are ones that definitely deserve a spot more than any other in your very own backyard!

Allwood Summerlight

If you’re looking for a home on the cheaper side of things that still gives you a breath of fresh air during the summer months, then the Allwood Summerlight cabin is the perfect place for you. It has large windows, a beautiful double door entrance, and even a plexiglass rooftop to let in light while letting out heat. 

This is a very simple project all things considered and does not require you to perform any extra work on the interior of the cabin once built. All you’d need to do when finished is to add some nice furniture, maybe a carpet, and you’re all done. It usually costs just under $9,000, but right now it’s actually on sale for around $2,000 off. Take advantage while you can!

Allwood Getaway

This beautiful and spacious two-floored cabin resides at the complete other end of the spectrum in terms of pricing and luxury. Appropriately given the name “Getaway”, you will quickly see why it deserves the title. At nearly 300 square feet, you’ll find that this “tiny” house is actually quite roomy. 

It features a nice big living room, two smaller rooms on the lower floor, and then an upper loft to be used as a lounge and the like. It even includes a front porch to add that much more roominess to the property. It retails for $19,490, and as it’s one of Allwood’s best sellers, this is another opportunity that you won’t want to wait on.

Allwood Mayflower

The Allwood Mayflower wins the award for the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden that you could ever possibly make. This tiny house adds a 117 square foot addition to your yard, with beautiful French doors with dual-paned glass, a curved roof, front windows, and even two flower boxes to really help it blend in. Not to mention the fact that the entire thing rests on decorative vintage-style spoked wheels, with a little set of railed stairs leading up to the doors. Built from strong Nordic spruce wood, it will only take about a single day to put it together, allowing you to be able to enjoy your newest addition as quickly as possible.

Allwood Escape

The Allwood Escape is a particularly adorable little house. It has a footage of around 113 square feet when fully put together, making it the smallest kit on the list by just a hair. The unique-looking facade features a front door offset to the left and a pair of windows that allow the fresh outside air to filter in. 

Although there isn’t a deck included in the kit, there is an overhang on the roof that extends about 5 feet, allowing for the perfect little outdoor dining spot. Perfect for a small gathering of friends or just an afternoon with the family. 

Allwood Palma 3

To round off the list, we have a much more modern-looking design in the Allwood Palma 3. This sleek-looking cabin is meant to fit in perfectly with a modern-looking house. It features huge sliding glass doors on both sides of the cabin, with a comfortably large interior space of 176 square feet. 

Throw in some nice furniture, add a little kitchen, some bedroom stuff, and you’ve got the perfect romantic little getaway for the stay-at-home family, not to mention a fantastic place for renting out to guests to make a little extra money on the side. 


As you now see, Allwood offers an enormous variety of selections. It’s almost overwhelming the amount of creativity that they clearly have with their design team. They have an offering for every kind of person or family under the sun. In these stressful and sometimes overwhelming times, having the ability to change your environment completely without needing to leave the comfort and safety of your property is an incredible asset.

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