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7 Places to Buy Used Mobile Homes for Sale Near You

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If you’ve finally decided to buy that mobile home you’ve always wanted, you may not be sure of where to find it. The way things sell has evolved tremendously since the creation of the Internet, so you may not know where to start looking. Of course, you’ll want to first determine what kind of mobile home you want, how large of a space you need, and the exact location where you might want to place it, but once you know the specifics, you’re ready to shop. Whether you want to live in it, travel with it, or just have it for vacation getaways, there are plenty of places you can buy used mobile homes near you. 


MobileHome.net is a nationwide mobile home search tool. It is incredibly easy to use, as you just enter your location and it will show you exactly where there are used mobile homes for sale in your area. If you’re not quite ready to buy, you can also find mobile homes for rent on the website. Once you enter your location, a map will appear of where nearby listings are and you can easily just click on each pin and see the title of the listing, the price, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and if it is a single wide, double wide, triple wide, and so on. Clicking into each listing will provide more information. 

You can also find entire mobile home lots to buy or rent on the website, plus it offers numerous links to resources such as mobile home inspectors, mobile home movers, and mobile home builders. If you are looking for a mobile home park to put your newly purchased home, there’s a search for that, too. 


MHVillage was created in 2004 and deems itself “America’s #1 Marketplace to Buy, Sell, or Rent Mobile and Manufactured Homes.” The website offers several helpful search filters at the beginning when initially searching for a home, so users enter their location but also have the ability to select filters such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location type (e.g., 55+, resident-owned, etc.), mobile home communities that allow pets, repossessions/foreclosures, and more. While the search results lack a comprehensive map, the website lists out results in rows and will indicate the total number of mobile homes available in your area. You can search within the results for desired cities, zip codes, and more. You can contact the listers directly through the specific mobile homes’ pages. 

If you’re looking to sell your current mobile home or end up selling your newly purchased one at some point, you can also use MHVillage to sell it. MHVillage offers a great blog where you can find tips on buying, selling, and living in mobile home communities regardless if you are a newbie to mobile homes or an expert on them. The website also has information on upcoming events and other resources. 


Ebay is one of the most popular online sites connecting buyers and sellers. It enables individuals to buy and sell nearly anything imaginable. And ebay is a great place to buy a used mobile home directly from a seller. At any one time there are several hundred homes listed across the US. You can sort the listings by price, location, number of bedrooms, and other factors.


Zillow is a household name when it comes to looking for homes to rent or buy, but did you know it also offers used mobile homes for sale? The site allows visitors to simply enter their locations and search for mobile homes in their area. Note that Zillow classifies mobile homes as “manufactured homes,” so be sure to check that filter when completing your search. The map feature on Zillow is extremely useful, as you can simply zoom out to see more listings, which appear as dots in the exact spot they are located. 

Zillow’s listings usually include more photos and a longer description of each mobile home listing compared to other websites, but not always. If you find a listing you are interested in and would like more information, Zillow allows users to fill out a contact form directly on the website that will get sent to the relevant sales agent. These agents usually respond in a short period of time, so you could be connected to the agent dealing with your dream mobile home in mere minutes. Zillow also has mobile homes for rent, home loan guidance, and the option to locate real estate agents, builders, inspectors, and more.

Real Estate Firm

Of course, you can always connect with a real estate firm, whether that be a nationally recognized one or a small, local real estate office in your town. These firms can seamlessly look at their MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database to look at what brokerage firms have recently posted mobile homes for sale and everything that is available. This database is normally for real estate transactions or very high-priced mobile homes, but you may be able to find a great one. Note that not all used mobile homes for sale will show up in the MLS system, but if there are none you may be interested in throughout your area, chances are your firm can direct you to a great local place to find one. 

General Sales Sites

More general sales sites are also good places to look for used mobile homes in your area. Sites like Craigslist.org and Facebook Marketplace are attractive to sellers because they charge lower fees (or none) and eliminate the need to always go through a third-party for the sales. Most sites like these provide users the ability to rule out certain parameters to eliminate search results irrelevant to what they are looking for, so if you choose to search one or more of these, be sure to play around with the filters and various options. 

Other Ways to Buy a Mobile Home Near You

Drive Around

A reliable and free option for those looking for a used mobile home to buy is to just simply drive around and look for one. Utilizing a search engine like Google to find mobile home parks in your area can lead you to different ones that may have used mobile homes available for purchase in them. You can also find out who the mobile park managers are and talk to them to find out if there is a used mobile home currently for sale or if one is about to hit the market. It doesn’t hurt to ask! 

Make and Use Connections

It always helps to know someone when looking for any goods or services, and you may be able to make some connections that might aid in your search for a used mobile home. Mobile home moving companies often know of used mobile homes for sale, or they occasionally will have one they need to sell themselves for various reasons. Mobile home mortgage corporations also have mobile homes available for sale from time to time due to foreclosures, and they are normally eager to get rid of them. Check websites of various lenders and look for used mobile home auctions in your area. 

As mentioned, you can also connect with the managers of mobile home parks, or you can become acquainted with park staff or even residents within the mobile home park you might ultimately end up buying your used mobile home in. 

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