Revving Up My RV

Springtime is for Rovers It’s that time of year: in every chirping bird, in every snowy hillock revealing itself after a heavy melt, in every precious minute of extra sunlight, I’m beginning to see the glimmer of hope that is a burgeoning spring. As an outdoorsy type, spring is my favorite season; as the days […]

Budgeting for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Planning for your next outdoor adventure doesn’t have to be a stressful or painful experience. Of course, not all of us are keen budgeters (myself included), but that shouldn’t mean that a great outdoor vacation is unobtainable! In fact, there are nearly endless ways to save money while still getting the most out of a […]

The Best Weekend Getaways in Utah

Are you looking for a great weekend getaway? Fortunately, Utah has a myriad of recreational activities to get your heart racing, as well as many locations where you can kick back and take it all in. You can get away, experience an adventure, and recharge your batteries without ever taking a day of vacation leave! […]

How to Cut Your Costs This Holiday Season by Alek S.

Your daily costs of living add up any time of the year, but especially in the winter when you have holiday gifts to buy and hefty utility bills to pay. To help you climb out of this seemingly never-ending pit of disappearing money, consider these tips to cut costs during the winter.  Take Advantage of […]

Does Camping Boost Your Mental Health?

There are few things that are as simultaneously calming and invigorating as taking a camping trip. The adventure of getting out into nature provides a multitude of benefits that prove to be useful for your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you’re out biking, hiking, fishing, or just relaxing in the woods, there are proven […]

Fun Fall Road Trip Destinations in Utah

Fun Fall Road Trip Destinations in Utah by Alek S. With all the amazing destinations our great state has to offer, it is not surprising that summertime is almost synonymous with road trips for many Utah families. If you have a road trip on this summer’s to-do list, consider some of these must-see attractions close […]

Small Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

We know we should be kinder to Mother Earth and do our part to give back, yet are we doing anything on a daily basis to contribute? Whether you are looking to completely change up your home to support the environment, or you just want to do a little something here and there to ease […]

Buying A Mobile Home As A Cheap Housing Option

We all know that the cost of living nowadays have sky rocketed. We are all looking for ways of keeping living costs down such as watching how much electricity and gas we are using each month and trying to shop more frugally. However, no matter how much we try to cut costs, the cost of […]

Tips For Purchasing A Mobile Home

More people than ever are investing in mobile homes as either a first home or a place in which to retire within as the prices in properties continue to increase. Owning a mobile home provides residents with a myriad of benefits including lower costs, the freedom to move wherever they wish and the added security […]

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Mobile Home

Mobile homes have increased in popularity as an alternative to purchasing a traditional home. Not only will the purchase of a mobile home provide you with a place in which to reside, but it will also come at a lower cost than if you were to purchase a property. However, as with any purchase, there […]

Are Mobile Homes Really The Cheaper Option?

The idea of buying a mobile home probably isn’t something that many people have considered in the past. However, nowadays more and more people are buying mobile homes and living an alternative and cheaper lifestyle. You can buy a mobile home for a lot cheaper than a traditional home and can be bought all around […]

Advantages of Mobile Homes

There seems to be a distinct prejudice against mobile homes in the United States despite their many advantages. They are dismissed as being the sole preserve of lower income families and many people can’t shake images of ‘trailer parks’ and the like out of their heads. In actual fact, a mobile home can be a […]

Modern Mobile Homes – Better than You Think

There are many misconceptions about mobile homes. But they are actually a lot better than most people believe. For individuals who want to have a decent, flexible, and affordable roof over their heads, buying a modern mobile home may be the solution. Like any other product, modern mobile homes have varying qualities. If you expect […]

Low Cost Housing Options

Finding more affordable housing is a quick way to get a handle on one’s finances, especially if they’ve spiraled out of control.  With over 1 million homes lost to foreclosure in 2010, there’s clearly a need for more affordable housing.  Fortunately, there are several options for low cost housing, and none of them involve moving […]

Cost of Mobile Homes

Some people still refer to mobile homes as “manufactured houses”. Indeed, that probably best describes this type of structure. Mobile homes serve as the cheaper alternative to traditionally-built houses. Because of the number of options available, the cost of mobile homes can vary significantly. For example, some homes are built with narrow structures while others […]