Champion Mobile Home Reviews

champion homes reviewsChampion is a manufacturer of high-quality mobile homes, which they refer to as “manufactured homes.” They are well-known for their award-winning designs, and dedication to quality construction. The homes are attractive to look at, and have multiple options when choosing just a single standard model.

Types of Homes
Champion offers a plethora of models for you and your family to choose from – and, of course, models vary from region to region. They are designed to withstand the elements of the areas in which they are built. For example, a Champion home manufactured in Wisconsin will be designed to the state and city or town’s zoning requirements, and made to cope with the various seasonal changes and the harsh winters, whereas a Champion home manufactured in or for Georgia will be designed in the same manner, but with the hot and humid southern weather in mind. All Champion mobile homes are designed to the Federal HUD Code.

Champion mobile homes are considered more affordable than other homes, but with the same quality found in the others. However, they do not offer a warranty or guarantee to back up this claim. They do rely on their successful track record to speak for itself. They are also one of the nation’s largest mobile home manufacturers, and they buy their supplies in great quantity, meaning they are able to pass along the savings to you.

Environmental Information
Does not indicate if all of the suppliers they use are LEED Certified. However, some of their suppliers are – such as Owens Corning and Georgia-Pacific.
Champion homes are built with environmental efficiency in mind. They offer the following benefits for you and your family:
•    Energy efficiency: high-quality insulation, low “E” windows, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and Energy Star features as standard on many models will provide you with cost-savings for years to come.
•    Resource efficiency: In order to ensure that your overall costs are lowered upon purchasing the home, this green solution helps. Waste reduction through recycling has been able to eliminate waste by two-thirds – meaning that instead of paying for new technology for green building, you’re saving money through recycling.

The major advantage to Champion mobile homes is that they are highly customizable – it seems that no matter which model you pick, you have plenty of options within that single home. Even one manufactured home has ten different potential kitchen set-ups. Furthermore, if you aren’t satisfied with any of the base models with all their options, you can opt to design exactly what you want from scratch. There are so many options to choose from, however, you may likely find exactly what you want with Champion’s base homes. Of course, it would have to meet Federal HUD requirements for the area in which you live, so it might be beneficial to check out standard models available in your area, and build from there.

One of the drawbacks is that there is no warranty information for Champion mobile homes, which means that, even though they do declare a sincere dedication to quality construction, they do not warranty supplies or protect from manufacturer defects for any period of time. However, the company has been in business successfully for over 50 years. They even boast that a former Governor of Arkansas chose a Champion home to live in while the Governor’s Mansion was being renovated.

Champion homes are affordable and attractive homes that are highly customizable, and a good choice if you are highly particular about your living space, but don’t want to overspend.

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