Modern Mobile Homes – Better than You Think

There are many misconceptions about mobile homes. But they are actually a lot better than most people believe. For individuals who want to have a decent, flexible, and affordable roof over their heads, buying a modern mobile home may be the solution. Like any other product, modern mobile homes have varying qualities. If you expect to stay in this accommodation for extended periods, it is important to follow the tips below:

Choosing the Roof
Instead of selecting metal roofs, it may be better to choose shingled roofs. Ensure that the roof extends beyond the edge of the structure. This overhang feature prevents rainwater from seeping into the walls. Another reason to choose shingled roof is that it provides better ventilation in the attic. Metal roofs are unventilated and sealed; as a result, moisture gathers during the wintertime while it the whole area is hot during summertime. In addition, most mobile houses with metal roofs don’t have decking so placing a weight on the roof can cause damage.

While shingled roofs provide a good alternative, it is far from perfect. An improperly ventilated attic can shorten the lifespan of this material. In some cases, it may even void the warranty. Newer mobile homes with shingled roofs tend to have better ventilation than older ones.

Choosing the Walls
Exterior walls that are made from 2×6 inch lumber are a lot more robust compared to those build with 2×4 inch lumber (provided that the spacing and grade of the material is similar). Wider studs also allows for better insulation in the walls. Exterior walls that are at least 7.5 feet high provide higher ceilings; this is beneficial in many ways. For example, it can accommodate the use of standard-height doors.

The structural sheathing of the mobile home should be sturdy. Mobile homes that make use of metal or hardboard siding may not have OSB (oriented strand board) and plywood later sheathing; As a result, they tend to have more water problems.

Choose Plumbing
When it comes to plumbing, don’t scrimp. Resolving plumbing problems can be more expensive than the product itself over the long term. Always choose high-quality kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as sinks. Ask for a shutoff valve for each fixture. For many mobile home owners, plumbing remains as one of the top sources of their frustration.

Most mobile homes have low-quality fixtures made from thin plastics which are prone to leaks and cracks. It is better to upgrade to plumbing fixtures that are manufactured from porcelain-covered steel or reinforced plastic.

Choose Floor and Windows
Sliding and double-hung windows are usually used in mobile homes. Insufficient caulking between the window frames and its sheathing can cause water to enter the walls. To avoid this problem, choose double-paned glazed windows with vinyl frames. Minimal care is required for this material. In addition, make it a point to choose 2×8 inch joints for your floor that are spaced 16 inches apart.

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