Rushmore Mobile Home Reviews

Rushmore Homes is a builder of both manufactured and modular homes in the Black Hills area. They build homes specifically to the requirements of the area — meaning that the homes are built to withstand the harsh winters of the region. Below is an overview of what Rushmore Homes have to offer a customer and […]

Cavalier Mobile Home Reviews

Cavalier Homes is a builder of manufactured homes, modular homes, and luxury manufactured homes. They develop and build homes specifically for the many regions where they have dealers, and are able to provide a wide-variety of floor plans. Below is an overview of what Cavalier Homes have to offer a customer and any disadvantages in […]

Apex Home Reviews

Apex Homes offers a large series of modular homes that are built in the factory, and delivered in two sections, which are placed together seamlessly on a full foundation with either crawlspace or full basement. They manufacture modular homes only – no manufactured homes will be created for this company. They specialize in modular homes […]

Champion Mobile Home Reviews

Champion is a manufacturer of high-quality mobile homes, which they refer to as “manufactured homes.” They are well-known for their award-winning designs, and dedication to quality construction. The homes are attractive to look at, and have multiple options when choosing just a single standard model. Types of Homes Champion offers a plethora of models for […]

Fleetwood Mobile Home Reviews

Fleetwood Mobile Homes are a popular series of homes, with one testimonial in particular that stands out – a Hurricane Katrina survivor was pleased to report, that, even though the area in which he lived was hit hard, his Fleetwood home survived without damage. You may wonder if that was luck, but the owner was […]

Palm Harbor Mobile Home Reviews

Palm Harbor Homes are considered the “high end” homes among manufactured houses. Like Clayton Homes, they offer the same all-in-one manufacturing, financing, and insurance, but, unlike them, the initial investment is greater. Palm Harbor homes, however, delivers a great deal of quality and attention to their houses and to their customers. Types of Homes Over […]

Clayton Mobile Home Reviews

Clayton mobile homes are ultra-affordable manufactured homes built and sold throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. Throughout the United States, however, they sell homes under a variety of different brand names – through a “family of brands” – Shult, Crest, Karsten, Marlette, Golden West, SE Homes, Norris, Giles, Cavalier, and Buccaneer Homes. Clayton has been in […]