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Overview of Rushmore Mobile Homes

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Rushmore Homes is a builder of both manufactured and modular homes in the Black Hills area. They build homes specifically to the requirements of the area — meaning that the homes are built to withstand the harsh winters of the region.

Below is an overview of what Rushmore Homes have to offer a customer and potential drawbacks in order to help you decide which modular or manufactured home company is right for you.

What’s Good About Rushmore Mobile Homes?

There are several advantages to purchasing a Rushmore manufactured or modular home:

•    Customizable: There are dozens of floor plans for single, double, and modular models that come with excellent features such as hardwood cabinetry, vaulted ceilings, porcelain lavatories, and separate tubs and showers. However, if you can’t find a floor plan that suits your needs, you can customize. In fact, Rushmore Homes will help you build any floor plan you bring in from the ground up — translating it into a manufactured or modular home.
•    Step-by-step Assistance: Setup and delivery are a promise from Rushmore Homes, and they will even help with basements, crawlspaces, and piers. The company is willing to help with placing your home properly and getting the setup that you want, within the code regulations.
•    Financing: Rushmore Loan Brokers can help you finance your Rushmore Home. They have several different loan programs that help first-time home buyers, fixed and adjustable rates, etc. Of course, in order to take advantage of any of these loan programs, you must first qualify for financing.
•    Building Standards: All Rushmore Homes are built to IRC (International Residential Code) and IBC (International Building Code) standards for modular homes. All manufactured homes are built to HUD standards. When you come in with a unique floor plan, the company will be happy to help you ensure that it is to these building standards.
•    Warranty: All Rushmore Homes come with a warranty which is handled at the regional level. Should something go wrong under warranty, they are right nearby to help you.
These manufactured and modular homes are built with quality, and they are handled by local service personnel for faster assistance should you ever need service or have warranty issues.

What’s Not so Good?

While there are plenty of positives that are associated with Rushmore Homes, there are two distinct drawbacks that should be examined:
•    Vague regarding Pricing: There are not a lot of price specifics available for these homes, yet they are promised as “affordable.” Naturally, you will want to ask for pricing information if you find a home you really like, and are unsure if it is in your price range or not. Remember, financing is available, but that would be for qualified loan applicants only.
•    Region-specific: If you’re not in the Black Hills region, you may not be able to take advantage of these homes and what they offer in terms of service, customization, and warranty.

Yet when considering modular homes and manufactured homes, no company is 100% perfect. If you are in the Black Hills region and are interested in a modular or manufactured home, this company may provide exactly what you need. If you’re not in the area, however, you will likely be better off looking for a manufacturer closer to home, so that they can help you build a place that meets the needs and requirements of your region.

Rushmore Homes has a diverse variety of single-wide, double-wide, and modular homes to choose from — and, if you’re not satisfied with the selection they have to offer, you can make custom changes, add square footage, and other additions that your prefer. Of course, customization will come at an additional cost, and many different changes and additions can add up quickly.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a highly customizable home that you can put on any size lot, and you live in the Black Hills region, you will want to look into Rushmore Homes.

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