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Apex Home Reviews

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Apex Homes offers a large series of modular homes that are built in the factory, and delivered in two sections, which are placed together seamlessly on a full foundation with either crawlspace or full basement. They manufacture modular homes only – no manufactured homes will be created for this company. They specialize in modular homes and insist upon doing so as they believe this has helped them achieve perfection in their craft.

Based in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, Apex Homes serves the Northeast area, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Types of Homes
Apex Homes focuses on modular homes, light commercial structures, and home additions. However, the main focus is on modular homes.

You will find many different styles of homes, further subdivided into different floor plans that can be designed to suit nearly anyone’s tastes and budget requirements. For example, one of the most popular styles (due to its appearance and cost-effectiveness) is the Ranch style home. Apex offers 22 different floor plans in this style alone, and that’s not including their Alpine Series or Value Series homes. The Alpine Series has 35 floor plans for Ranch style – and the Value Series offers 13 different floor plans. That is just the Ranch style!

Other styles, with various floor plans contained within include the Apex’s Cape, Two-Story, Chalet, and Split Level. The Alpine Series offers, in addition to Ranch, the Cape and Two-Story styles. The Value series is limited to Ranch only, but due to the efficiency of Ranch style homes, this makes sense.

Environmental Information
Apex does not put a great deal of focus on their environmentally-friendly suppliers or building techniques, but some of their suppliers are LEED Certified, such as Shaw, Kohler, and Andersen Windows. They also offer Energy Star products for customers who are interested in energy conservation.

Additionally, because of tight Quality Control standards, these modular homes are sealed tightly, reducing drafts, and improving air quality throughout the home.

•    Built indoors, in the factory from start to finish. This gives the advantage of shielding from the elements, and modular homes can be built in approximately 6-7 days.
•    Top of the line appliances and materials for building – including Kohler, Shaw, Masonite, Andersen, and CertainTeed.
•    Built to the National Electric Code and individual state codes, which means fewer worries for you and your family about placing a modular home on your property.
•    Rigorous Quality Control inspections throughout building. This insures proper sealing and tight seams.
•    A ten-year structural warranty. This is an advantage that many other manufacturers lack – most warranties only go up to about five years.
•    Financing partnership. Financing an Apex Home can be done through M & T Bank in a partnership with Apex Homes.

Apex Homes Overall
Apex Homes offer a wide variety of home types and floor plans within those floor types. Because they specialize in modular homes (as well as light commercial structures and home additions), you will find that their selections are superior compared to other modular home manufacturers on the market. Apex Homes offers affordable modular homes with high-end appliances and materials as standard features that are backed up by a 10 year warranty, and are well worth the consideration for you and your family.

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