Cavalier Mobile Home Reviews

Cavalier Homes is a builder of manufactured homes, modular homes, and luxury manufactured homes. They develop and build homes specifically for the many regions where they have dealers, and are able to provide a wide-variety of floor plans.

Below is an overview of what Cavalier Homes have to offer a customer and any disadvantages in order to help you decide which manufactured home company is right for you.

There are six distinct advantages to purchasing a Cavalier manufactured or modular home, as below:
•    Serves 13 States: Cavalier Homes offers dealership services in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. If you live in any of these states, you can take advantage of a manufactured or modular home from Cavalier.
•    Available through Dealerships: The 13 states listed above all have dealerships throughout each state, and they are able to meet your needs on a local level.
•    Building Standards: All Cavalier Homes are built to International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards. Local zoning regulations for each state will apply and be adhered to through the local dealerships.
•    Luxury Items: Cavalier Homes have a number of luxury flooring items, cabinetry, and kitchen accessories and appliances to please many different tastes and requirements. With Cavalier Homes, gourmet kitchens and spa bathrooms are an option that you might not find with other manufacturers.
•    Plenty of Floor Plans: There are hundreds of floor plans to choose from with Cavalier Homes, so customization of size and space is often not necessary. There are plans up to five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and down to two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Square footage comes all the way up to 2,730 square feet.
•    Financing and Insurance: Dealerships offer financing and insurance for Cavalier Homes. You must go through a loan application process and be qualified in order to obtain financing.
•    Factory Built: All Cavalier Homes are built in a protected factory rather than on-site where they would be exposed to the elements, theft, and weather delays.
•    Warranty: Cavalier Homes come with a limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship, and are handled on the local level by individual dealerships.

These homes have a lot of flexibility insofar as choosing a floor plan, because they have so many of them available — hundreds, in fact. With the bonus features that you may not find elsewhere, they are well-worth a second look.

With numerous advantages, there are also potential drawbacks that should be considered prior to purchasing a Cavalier Home:
•    Vague regarding Pricing: Because pricing will differ from area to area, there is not a lot of information regarding the cost of Cavalier Homes. The manufacturer attempts to keep prices down by purchasing bulk quantity materials, and building withing the confines of a factory (a controlled environment). Because of the bonus features they offer, you can expect to pay a little more than you would with other manufactured and modular homes.
•    No Customization: The ability to add square footage or change the specifications of a room is important to many homeowners. Cavalier Homes lacks the ability to custom-order a home or to build a unique home from the ground up. However, they state that, because they have so many different floor plans, you will likely be able to find a home that suits your needs and your family’s requirements.

It is often said that no manufactured or modular home company is 100% perfect, but in this case, Cavalier Homes have advantages that far outweigh their disadvantages. If you’re looking for a luxury home, or a home made to luxury standards, don’t mind not being able to add custom space or square footage, and are willing to pay a little extra for bonus features, then Cavalier Homes is the right place to start your home shopping.

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