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Cavalier Mobile Home Reviews

Cavalier Homes is a builder of manufactured homes, modular homes, and luxury manufactured homes. They develop and build homes specifically for the many regions where they have dealers, and are able to provide a wide-variety of floor plans.

Below is an overview of what Cavalier Homes have to offer a customer and any disadvantages in order to help you decide which manufactured home company is right for you.

Advantages of Cavalier

There are six distinct advantages to purchasing a Cavalier manufactured or modular home, as below:
•    Serves 13 States: Cavalier Homes offers dealership services in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. If you live in any of these states, you can take advantage of a manufactured or modular home from Cavalier.
•    Available through Dealerships: The 13 states listed above all have dealerships throughout each state, and they are able to meet your needs on a local level.
•    Building Standards: All Cavalier Homes are built to International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards. Local zoning regulations for each state will apply and be adhered to through the local dealerships.
•    Luxury Items: Cavalier Homes have a number of luxury flooring items, cabinetry, and kitchen accessories and appliances to please many different tastes and requirements. With Cavalier Homes, gourmet kitchens and spa bathrooms are an option that you might not find with other manufacturers.
•    Plenty of Floor Plans: There are hundreds of floor plans to choose from with Cavalier Homes, so customization of size and space is often not necessary. There are plans up to five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and down to two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Square footage comes all the way up to 2,730 square feet.
•    Financing and Insurance: Dealerships offer financing and insurance for Cavalier Homes. You must go through a loan application process and be qualified in order to obtain financing.
•    Factory Built: All Cavalier Homes are built in a protected factory rather than on-site where they would be exposed to the elements, theft, and weather delays.
•    Warranty: Cavalier Homes come with a limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship, and are handled on the local level by individual dealerships.

These homes have a lot of flexibility insofar as choosing a floor plan, because they have so many of them available — hundreds, in fact. With the bonus features that you may not find elsewhere, they are well-worth a second look.


With numerous advantages, there are also potential drawbacks that should be considered prior to purchasing a Cavalier Home:
•    Vague regarding Pricing: Because pricing will differ from area to area, there is not a lot of information regarding the cost of Cavalier Homes. The manufacturer attempts to keep prices down by purchasing bulk quantity materials, and building within the confines of a factory (a controlled environment). Because of the bonus features they offer, you can expect to pay a little more than you would with other manufactured and modular homes.
•    No Customization: The ability to add square footage or change the specifications of a room is important to many homeowners. Cavalier Homes lacks the ability to custom-order a home or to build a unique home from the ground up. However, they state that, because they have so many different floor plans, you will likely be able to find a home that suits your needs and your family’s requirements.

It is often said that no manufactured or modular home company is 100% perfect, but in this case, Cavalier Homes have advantages that far outweigh their disadvantages. If you’re looking for a luxury home, or a home made to luxury standards, don’t mind not being able to add custom space or square footage, and are willing to pay a little extra for bonus features, then Cavalier Homes is the right place to start your home shopping.

27 thoughts on “Cavalier Mobile Home Reviews”

  1. We purchased our new home in March 2014 it was installed June 2014…the dealer said to expect warranty work in six to eight weeks..it is now March 2015 and no warranty visit has been schedule…their is no heat in the master bathroom…the home is all dry walled and they are cracking and the wall in the bedroom is bowing out very significantly..several other problems too that could be resolved if only someone would come and do the warranty work as promised …we are very dissatisfied to say the least

    Garry and mandy richards

  2. Our Cavalier Home was purchased by us in late 2005. The only regret I have is for those who were not fortunate enough to have a Cavalier. We did some customization because the model we chose had a Bonus Room at the end of the Master Bedroom. We convinced our Retailer to not have little walls or a French Door opening added at the back because I wanted an opportunity to make an Office area you walk thru to the Master Bedroom and allow the MBR direct access to the Master Bath/Closet. Cavalier split the original Double Windows into 2 singles about 10′ apart, and moved the position of the lights so there would be one in each space (we had to move one so the larger fan would operate center in the office) and they provided additional materials, Door, Floor and Crown Mldgs. We ran extra outlets and wall switches in the new walls. Our Retailer gave us a great crew who allowed us to lay out exactly what we wanted, they built the walls and gave us a day to run all the wiring before they dry walled, painted and put up trim.
    Everyone who visits is surprised at how solid and beautiful everything is. We opted for a Designer Package that gave us Taped and Textured walls, 8 Foot Ceiling Height throughout, Crown Moulding (except in the closets), Insulated Glass Windows and Doors, all kinds of Residential Features and very important to me (a Cabinet Design Specialist for Lowe’s at the time – before I retired) NICE cabinetry with sturdy shelves, Full Width Pull-Outs in the 36″ wide cab below our Cook Top and Special Built-Ins and Corner Shelves in the Master Walk In Closets.
    They responded immediately to any problem we had, where we had been used to people telling us we’d have to make a list and they’d make some repairs after 30 days and others at the one year point — with Cavalier, they wanted to know right away as you found a problem and the people they sent Really Cared about us being happy.
    Cavalier is the very best we found, and we spent 6 months looking even traveling from central Florida to see what was available in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, North and South Carolina. Every time I’d see a really good or unusual model we’d discover it was a Cavalier.
    Most homes that had an Island Cook Top would have a great open (useless) space below it with wires hanging down inside, Wall Cabinets with fixed 3/8″ shelves (do you enjoy having SAGGING Shelves?) and a few were proud of their minimally adjustable 3/8″ (soon to sag) Shelves, oh and the sales people’s answer was, “It isn’t really a problem, you just turn the shelf over.”! Really?!!
    Give me a Cavalier!!!
    I probably forgot some of the Upgrades because I’m so used to them after nearly 10 years, but our Fireplace and Entertainment Center are a joy for us and just one more surprise for first time visitors. Many people who visit are so surprised – if we did not live in a Manufactured Home Community they would not know it was a Manufactured Home!

  3. Worst experience ever! This is concerning the company in Nashville N.C.
    We purchased a new home and recieved an unacceptable and damaged home in which they refuse to repair. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.Poor quality and workmanship too extreme to believe Will be posting pictures on sites that will allow me to.

    1. Hi Amelia. We have been having issues with the Nashville location as well. I would be interested in hearing more about the problems that you have had and seeing the pictures.

    2. Hi I’m looking at a Cavalier Home in Mississippi a double wide. It’s beautiful, love the
      way the kitchen and dinning room are set up. The wind speed is 2. My sister is the one who told me to ask questions. I’m under a lot of pressure to move from a house to a trailer. So I’m not really thinking I’m just going by looks and I just need to make a decision. I don’t have time to think. I want to know your feelings if this brand is good? Do you think it’s improved since 15 or 20 years ago?

  4. Hello to all. Feel free to contact me and I will gladly share all photos with you, with hopes it will prevent someone else from being taken advantage of by this company.

    1. Please get in contact with me. My daughter was suppose to move into her home Oct of 2016 but still is having problems with this company from Nashville.

      Thank you,
      Karen Rakers

    2. Hi,
      Thinking of purchasing a home and would like to know what kind of problems you ran into. Also what dealer did you buy from.


  5. BEWARE!! Biggest mistake purchasing from them. Design & manufacture flaw lead to rotting walls on BOTH sides of my mobile home, around ALL the windows. Called the company & they simply said someone will get back to us in 6-8 weeks. My house is literally crumbling away & they want us to wait that long!

  6. very poorly built homes very poor quality materials i cant believe it left the factory where are the inspectors at? come take a look at what they say is exceptable

  7. I would have to say the worst experience in my life. I bought our home in 2012 and have had nothing but problems with it. I had to go out and buy a new furnace air conditioner, because no one from caviler could help me. Already had to put new roof on it, window are falling apart, doors falling apart.

    If anyone buys from this company, be cautious.

  8. We purchased the model called The Lloyd in 2014 after we lost everything to a house fire. we were nervous about purchasing a mobile home. Our main concerns were the floors. The dealer assured us that Cavalier offered a 30 year warranty on floors. We were also assured that they were made from three quarter inch plywood.
    Our floors starting falling in within a year. Now they are falling in all over the place. Oh, and after pulling up the flooring, we discovered that all of the floors were actually made from chip board. Cavalier refuses to honor the warranty. Also, all of our faucets have fallen apart. The dishwasher stopped working after 18 months.
    We have a friend that has the exact same model home. They are having the same issues we are having.
    I am now in the process of getting an attorney to file a lawsuit.

  9. I did a special order on a Cavalier home in March of 2018.The home has come in and set up in a park. I had a professional person inspect the home. The professional found thirty five mistakes in the home. The home should have never left the plant in Nashville North Carolina. Can you point me in the right direction on where I stand legally. Thank You

  10. Rita/Henry Nelson

    We have leaking windows in our home. We have talked to someone in charge and he admitted that we do have a problem and assured us they would be out to fix them. It is now about 2 months later….the Representative whom we spoke to will not take our calls and return our left messages. Next step?? Legal??

  11. I BOUGHT A CAVALIER (1987) manufactured home about 5 years ago and I love it. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. 2 dining areas and a family room in back and a living room in the front part. The people before me (I am third owner) put in house windows and 2 house doors. I have it on a small town city lot with a large fenced in yard with a 2 1/2 car garage out back. I also love my laundry room with a back door. I am 71 and love my home better than any house I have ever owned. I plan on painting most of my walls dovetail white next spring and that requires painting over some lower paneling. I also have a huge covered deck on back of my home. I live close to both my daughters and I am glad to say I love my happy home.


  13. I have read the reviews and this home sounds so bad. I really like the way it looks. But I now have to ask questions and not go by looks. I’m looking at a Cavalier in Mississippi. I love the way it looks. I don’t know anything about the home. But the reviews are all bad. I don’t have time and I don’t know now what to do.

  14. I purchased a 2003 Cavalier 28×80 Manufactured Home which was suppose to be our one and only home. We had a 30 day walk through to find all defects inside the home, make a report and Cavalier would come to the homesite and fix the problems. There was a list of things, AC went out the first day we were in it, the air conditioning stopped working through the night, the ceilings were cracking, the fiberglass garden tub had hairline cracks, this list are some of the interior things for us that had to be repaired. Cavalier did come out and fix those problems. After the 30 day walk through warranty, we had a one year warranty from Cavalier. 2005 the fascia board fell off from the backside of the home. Once my husband got on a ladder to inspect there was more fascia board about to fall. Looking further into the problem it was determined that the flashing had been installed incorrectly on the buildsite. I had a 3 foot wide and 75 feet long section on both front and back that rotted out all the way across the front and all the way across the back. When the flashing was installed wrong it was allowing rain to pool on the edge of by roof both front and back. Instead of the water being able to drain off it kept pooling back under the shingles and roofing paper which caused the rotting. I contacted my insurance company and they refuse to pay for what was the manufacture’s error. I then contacted Cavalier explained what was going on and Cavalier had a field person come to my home and he as well stated the same thing my insurance company had stated it was in fact a error on Cavalier’s part. Here I had a 100,000 home that had a badly damage roof and every time it rained it was doing more damage to the walls and ceiling of my home. Cavalier did not stand behind this, and would not communicate with me even though it was their fault. I eventually had all my fascia board fall off and the wood was rottened so badly there was no saving it. The decking had to be replaced and shingles this turned out to be a 8,000.00 cost to me for a 2300sqft home. I wouldn’t recommend Cavalier to anyone. Before purchasing my home I did my homework on the top 5 Manufactured Builders. Cavalier was highly recommended on the ratings, after I ran into my problems with my home and started searching online, there was so many people that had the exact thing happen to their Cavalier Homes roof. I wish there would have been a class action lawsuit against this company where they would have had to repair all the homes that had flashing installed incorrectly at the buildsite. I didn’t want money, I wanted my roof fixed the correct way.

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