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Champion Mobile Home Reviews

Champion is a manufacturer of high-quality mobile homes, which they refer to as “manufactured homes.” They are well-known for their award-winning designs, and dedication to quality construction. The homes are attractive to look at, and have multiple options when choosing just a single standard model.

Types of Homes

Champion offers a plethora of models for you and your family to choose from – and, of course, models vary from region to region. They are designed to withstand the elements of the areas in which they are built. For example, a Champion home manufactured in Wisconsin will be designed to the state and city or town’s zoning requirements, and made to cope with the various seasonal changes and the harsh winters, whereas a Champion home manufactured in or for Georgia will be designed in the same manner, but with the hot and humid southern weather in mind. All Champion mobile homes are designed to the Federal HUD Code.


As far as cost goes, Champion mobile homes are considered more affordable than other homes, but with the same quality found in the others. However, they do not offer a warranty or guarantee to back up this claim. They do rely on their successful track record to speak for itself. They are also one of the nation’s largest mobile home manufacturers, and they buy their supplies in great quantity, meaning they are able to pass along the savings to you.

Environmental Information

Does not indicate if all of the suppliers they use are LEED Certified. However, some of their suppliers are – such as Owens Corning and Georgia-Pacific.
Champion homes are built with environmental efficiency in mind. They offer the following benefits for you and your family:
•    Energy efficiency: high-quality insulation, low “E” windows, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and Energy Star features as standard on many models will provide you with cost-savings for years to come.
•    Resource efficiency: In order to ensure that your overall costs are lowered upon purchasing the home, this green solution helps. Waste reduction through recycling has been able to eliminate waste by two-thirds – meaning that instead of paying for new technology for green building, you’re saving money through recycling.


The major advantage to Champion mobile homes is that they are highly customizable – it seems that no matter which model you pick, you have plenty of options within that single home. Even one manufactured home has ten different potential kitchen set-ups. Furthermore, if you aren’t satisfied with any of the base models with all their options, you can opt to design exactly what you want from scratch. There are so many options to choose from, however, you may likely find exactly what you want with Champion’s base homes. Of course, it would have to meet Federal HUD requirements for the area in which you live, so it might be beneficial to check out standard models available in your area, and build from there.

One of the drawbacks is that there is no warranty information for Champion mobile homes, which means that, even though they do declare a sincere dedication to quality construction, they do not warranty supplies or protect from manufacturer defects for any period of time. However, the company has been in business successfully for over 50 years. They even boast that a former Governor of Arkansas chose a Champion home to live in while the Governor’s Mansion was being renovated.

Champion homes are affordable and attractive homes that are highly customizable, and a good choice if you are highly particular about your living space, but don’t want to overspend.

33 thoughts on “Champion Mobile Home Reviews”

  1. Champion homes are very cheaply made. They are made of particle board, not real wood. Cabinets are veneer, carpet is so thin, the thin insulation rolls up under the carpet. The holes they make for your pipes to go through are big enough for a small dog to climb through. There are so many problems with their homes, I could write a book on them. Do not buy from them!

    1. I totally agree! Very dissatisfied and disappointed! I’d never buy another and won’t recommend. Cheap windows and cabinets. Peeling after only 1 year!!! I wonder if there’s insulation in mine? I hear every limo use outside. Like a window is open!! Ugh

  2. HI


    1. yes folks please go else were. go stick built. poor quality and cheaply made. my home is less then 2yrs old and stuff is peeling and falling apart in every room in the house.

  3. My best advice. Do NOT buy a Champion home. I can not express how disappointed I am with my new home. The workmanship was shodd( they forgot to even run electric to the end of my home), repairs are impossible to get fixed. I have had tiles fall off, my mantle fell off which broke hearth stones, my sinks will not plug, the carpets are cheap and wearing out after only 4 months, I paid extra for hardwood floors which were scratched and not fixed, the list could go on and on. I paid 90,000$ for my home. I would not recommend buying a Champion home even to someone I do not like.

    Champion should be ashamed to call itself an American company.

  4. Really wished I’d seen reviews on champion homes before purchasing one.This is the poorest built home I believe I could have purchased. Problems from day one .champion homes should really be held accountable for this junk their selling people. A terrible home and service stir clear of champion homes

  5. Anyone that buys a Champion home is a fool. I live in one and I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy one. Mine is 4years old and there is so much wrong with it I can’t begin to tell you.They are rip off.

  6. To the other people that left comments ,you are right champion is a worthless company that should be over in china where they would fit right in with their cheap made CRAP products ,made with the lowest end of materials you can find ,and put together like a bunch a 5 year olds were let lose with hammers and thumb tacks,And the liars that are at this company .People that will jump off a bridge if this company told them to do so.

  7. Wow, you truly only see a few people on all website that are unhappy, why is it you never see the Majority of people of all products that are happy with what THEY bought. I have had a Champion Home for 8 years and I have site built homes also.. I have had some problems with all of them but it is nothing you should not think would be understandable. My home has been fantastic no major problems, But then again I did not let price dictate my purchase. I am completely satisfied in my choice and after comparing the other companies before I purchased I made the right choice. I will be doing business with them again on more property I have.. Thank you Champion .. I am a happy customer.

    1. There is no happy comments because there is nothing good to say about them. They throw together these homes and they do not fix all of the things that are wrong. If you are a happy customer consider yourself lucky.

  8. The worst service ever. I have been working with Champion for16 months trying to get them to honor their warranty. They put me off until the it expired and wont fix it. this is an untrustworthy horrible company.

  9. Champion has a staff that WILL NOT return calls. Has completely failed to provide warranty service. Took advantage of a vet. What a shame.

  10. We purchased a 2018 and Champion’s Service Department will not return our calls. They promise to do repairs a certain way then when they finally send someone they have completely different orders. A simple repair that the dealership offered to do but Champion wanted their Service Dept. to do and has yet to be done after 8 months of phone calls and promises and now with Champion not returning calls. I would strongly NOT recommend purchasing any Champion Home products. We should have known when they required us to sign papers stating we would use Arbitration instead of Lawsuits to settle complaints that major problems existed within their Company.

  11. Our home was delivered to us on 9/21/18, half of the items that we had ordered were missing, we had to be calling every week, they still have not replaced our windows, the windodws will not open, the window seals and door seals are the cheapest, the dirt comes through our windows and glass doors. Poor exterior door install, untrustworthy horrible builders.

  12. My wife and I, retired, bought a new 2013 Champion double wide (28 by 60) and love it! We live in cold country – Poughkeepsie NY- and find it very well insulated ( floors rated 13, walls 19, ceiling 30). Heating with propane and cooling with Miller central air is very efficient. We have two roomy bedrooms and two full baths. Beautiful kitchen, nice front porch, and a 10 by 20 deck (trax decking and resin rails). Absolutely a perfect home to retire in. I find Champion a great choice for us!

  13. Michael Martensen

    We purchased a 1700 sq ft Athens. We are very happy so far with the quality. We had some issues upon move in and Champion sent out a crew and remedied everything. It’s a manufactured home, the carpet is thin would be my only negative. We bought it to live in while we build a stick house, it’s so nice we have put that off for a couple years. No complaints so far.

  14. Warranty?..what warranty…only 2 years in and I had to replace the HVAC and now about to replace the roof. Shower tiles falling off. Cracks in the walls. Sealant around windows only where you can see from floor level. Sliding windows leaked water during a rain & flooded the kitchen. Poor quality material & tradesmen. The only good thing about replacing the HVAC & roof is now I’ll actually get a warranty for 10 yrs.

  15. Russell and Rececca Sikes

    I’m writing something I honestly didn’t want to have to do. My husband and I retired and relocated to Western Kentucky in January of 2021. We purchased property and wanted badly to build a new house. With Covid in the picture the prices of building material went through the roof. We had a new5th wheel RV so we stayed in it and decided to look at new mobile homes. We went to Benton Ky. and actually found a floor plan we really liked. After going over all the details we both agree it would be less costly to go with what we thought was to be a very well built with pride mobile home. We ordered it exactly like we wanted and were given the price. We placed our down payment and we’re given the expected date for delivery. That was to be April of 2021. We paid the remaining balance for our home and waited for the delivery. That didn’t happen. We didn’t receive our home until the end of June 2021.. From there it’s been a constant nightmare. We made the mistake of not looking inside the home at the dealership other then the living room area. According to the dealership we couldn’t look inside the parts that had exterior doors because of the doors being screwed shut due to transit and the wrap that is used in transit. Had we known then what we learned after the home was delivered we would have insisted and/or asked for our down payment back and drove off leaving it with the dealership. Upon finally getting to see the inside we were devastated at what we saw. There’s so much to try and write, but trust me it was awful. We begged for them to come get it and give us back our money or build us another one. People from the dealership and the manufacturer came to where our home was located on our property and they went through it and asked us to give them a chance to make it right. We didn’t want to, but we finally agreed to do that. A crew of 4 workers came and stayed locally at a hotel coming to our home daily for 2 full weeks working on it. Since then we’ve had 5 more work crews come and attempt to deal with issues. We now refer to our home as the bandaid home. We were paid another visit from a representative from the manufacturer asking what would it take to make things right because they are aware our home will never be what our hard earned money paid for. We told them once again to please take it back and give us back our money. We were told they couldn’t do that, but he felt we had an exceptional case and there would be some competition. We then asked for half of our money back because we only have half of what we paid for. We were denied any type of competition from another person higher up in the company. So it’s been a little over a year now and we still have issues that will never be addressed or fixed by Champion. The only good review we can give is that everyone that came to our home to do whatever they could in attempt to fix it was very nice. As far as recommending a Champion Home, we never will. Our advice is go somewhere else. As for the dealership in Benton Ky. don’t go there either. All they want is your money. After that they kick you to the curb. Sincerely, extremely disappointed customer.

  16. I’m so glad I read this! We are from MI and they are the most affordable but if this is what we will get I’d rather pay a more reputable builder of manufactured homes!

  17. We have been in our Champion double-wide home, the Catena, for 2 years (Nov. 2020). I will review this home by going room by room because the list is long. I’ll start with the outside. One of the outdoor elecrical outlets did not work. The water spigot has been replaced twice and we need to do this again. The water gushes out like a waterfall. The stopper in one of the sinks in the guest bathroom did not work. The finish on the kitchen cabinets has been wearing off. The countertops are pitted with small holes. We think they were never sealed properly. The cable was installed with about 5 splitters which interrupted the signal. It took our cable company approximately 6 hours to hook up the cable. They ended up drilling a hole through the floor. The shower in the master bath leaked. It was fixed twice but there is still a small amount of water that gets through the glass. The finish on the cabinets in there is also wearing off. The stopper in one of the sinks did not work. The trim on the shelving in the bathroom fell off. Let me not forget about the doors. Most of them don’t close properly and the set for the study were put on backwards!

    I have saved the best for last. The thermostat stopped working a few months ago. It was not covered under the warranty and we had to pay $324 to fix it. Last but certainly the most upsetting problem is the subfloor is warped. You can feel the slant in some areas that you walk on. Also it creaks like an old farmhouse. We have spoken to a rep from Champion. He did not have an answer for us and eventually hung up on us. Some of the issues were fixed but of course the major ones were not. A big problem with these homes is the bank pays on delivery of the home. The buyer won’t have a chance to inspect it. Be careful before you buy from Champion.

  18. We bought our champion home in 2019 and it is falling apart , bathtub busted , trim falling off , no insulation already had to replace out tub because it busted and was put in poorly ! Crappy carpet and cabinets ! We called them and talked to them and they asked us what exactly we wanted them to do because our warranty of 1 year is up already ! If you want to call and complain call 817 295 2267 this is main number of champion and this lady handles complaints Debbie , 817 768 5045 she was so helpful and kept asking us why didn’t we call them within that year ! There’s nothing she can do ! Well it only held up for that year it took longer for the nails to fall out or the tub to finally fall out ! Thank you champion homes for selling us a junky home to spend the next 12 years in I hope y’all are super happy for screwing so many people around ! Y’all should be sued for your shoddy homes !

  19. Blake & Cindy Hughes

    We purchased our Champion Home last year. It was finally delivered in February of this year. Supposedly it had to do with permits due to covid, which I don’t think was true. We have found many things wrong since we have been in it. Alot of cracks in the wall, the master shower has “caulking” which keeps coming off (they have “caulked it at least twice).
    Everything the salesman told us sounded great! We requested different things that we wanted, such as overhead vents and not floor vents. He wrote it down. When he sent us the final paperwork to sign, I asked him (which I have in an email), that I didn’t see the overhead vents listed but he assured me they were on there. When the home was delivered and set up and we were able to come in, no overhead vents. I contacted him on this and he said we never requested it for the final agreement. I sent him copies of our conversation but he chose to ignore it. His supervisor contacted us and compensated us for the trouble as he did agree it was discussed and was promised.
    We have asked multiple times for someone to come fix the cracks, we are told that someone will be in touch and of course no one contacts us or they send someone that they contract with who comes and looks at it and says they will notify the company but nothing else happens. They told us we have a premiere package which includes the repairs but we are unable to get anyone to follow up. Even when we called our salesman, he hangs up on us and tells us its not his problem any more.
    Definately would not recommend Champion to anyone. We were treated as we don’t matter because its a manufactured home and not built. That should not matter.

  20. There are 2 neighbors in the park I reside in who have purchased Champion Manufactured homes. One of the homes has had defects since my neighbor moved into in July 2020 and nothing has been repaired. It is now December 2022. My other neighbor spent over $300,000 on their new home and have been in it for over 6 months. No attempt to repair anything. My neighbor has a leaky roof and now the water has seeped into the drywall. She has stage 3 cancer and the moldy air cannot be good for her compromised immune system. I hope Champion/Homes of merit enjoys the media exposure they get when the TV stations are contacted to expose the service after the sale.

  21. Martina Ortiz Gatica

    Buyer beware!! If you’re looking into buying a mobile home, don’t buy a champion home. It’s been one issue after another with our home. My husband and I are first time home buyers and we were so happy when we bought our home. But after all the issues we’ve been having with the house in the 6 months we’ve been living in it, we do not recommend them or we advise you do your homework. I am literally in tears!!!

  22. I can’t understand all of the negative reviews. We purchased our champion home from someone else. It was made in 2005. We live it. We have nothing but great things to say about it. It is roomy, sturdy, insulated and big. What a great home.

  23. I do not understand where the LACK OF COMMUNICATION and DESIRE between customer, the “awesome sales people” and then once the sale is made, it all starts going down the drain. It seems like all these Modular home companies are acting the same from point of sale and down payment, then the Champion, Palm Harbor, all of them receiving their payment in FULL once the bank sees home is in new owners possession. I’m not reading ANY good reviews and it’s scaring and making me rethink, do I want to take a chance with any of you MODULAR HOME Sales Center???? What do we the consumer have to PROTECT us??? Do we need to bring the lawyer with us to the sales meeting, because I can’t afford or do not want to go what these wonderful customers have and are going thru. We understand when a unit is moved from manufacturer to the land lot, shifting takes place. Things are going happen, but it should be your commitment to get all these problems taken care of the 1st, 2nd month at the month before the home is signed off on and you get your full payment from bank. WHY NOT??? What are you going change to protect YOUR CONSUMER??? I would like some answers before coming in and sitting down to talk to any of you. We just purchased out 4 acres, and we know we want a MODULAR HOME, but now, I’m scared and rethinking. What are things we can do to protect ourselves??? Thanks, Vicki and Ray Brown

    1. My advice, wait until you can afford a stick built home. We have a 2022 and it has been a disaster since day 1. They delivered to the wrong site then went in the ditch twice and the frame is bent. The furnace failed in January in MN, everything froze. In Spring of 2023 ridge vent came off and laid ion the roof and ground. Dealership repaired roof twice and now it is leaking in many places. We had to pay for furnace and plumbing, nearly $4000 so far and still not completely repaired. I am getting estimates on a new roof. Don’t buy one!!!!

  24. Champion Homes customer service after the sale is lousy. I planned on installing solar panels on the roof of our new home. I needed information for the project engineer regarding the home’s truss system and weight limits in the roof. I mentioned time was of the essence because we couldn’t pull required permits without the information. They have yet to respond. I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to anyone based on our experience.

  25. Kathryn Schauberger

    I purchased my Champion home in 2016 and since the date of purchase my life has been hell. I have but thousands of dollars into this money pit. I have gone through 3 water heaters and installed another outside spigot because they put the only one on the opposite side of the house. The side of the house that nothing happens on. I recently also had to replumb the kitchen as the kitchen faucet was leaking. And I also had to rewire the electrical in the kitchen as well. The whole roof had to be replaced as well just recently because the 25 year shingle has a a warranty inside the warranty that says you have to claim on the roofing warranty in the first 5 years or the rest of the 20 years is worthless. Makes lots of sense right? When we took the shingles off we saw a thin piece of paper that they called ice water shield and tar paper that was the cheapest you could imagine. On all of the repairs I contacted the manufacturer and they shoved me aside and did nothing. His behind their 1 year warranty. Champion did send out a technician and confirmed they put an ice water shield. But I haven’t heard back from them since. I replaced the roof with a high quality shingle and at least I know it was done right.

  26. I recently bought a Chmpion home,WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!! The electricity is out in half of the house, plumbing is a mess, this home is total garbage! I live in fear that the home will totally fall down anyday! Windows and doors are very cheap plastic doors have huge gaps to let in cold in winter! DO NOT BUY FROM CHAMPION!!

  27. George j Marvella

    My wife and I purchased a Champion Home during the pandemic, and we have nothing but problems ever since. First it took them 1 year to build our home and what a POS it is. When we finally moved it there was spots of paint all over the floor. Crown molding had pion hole all over it from the cheap nails that were used to hold it up also in the floor molding. The flooring has bumps in it that you can feel while walking. All of these problems were brought to the attention to Champion Homes repair techs but here it is 2 YEARS later still there. In those two years we have had 3 water leaks in the laundry room itself. Cause by poor fittings the last repair cost us $525.00 because they had to tear out a portion of the wall and guess what was found BLACK Mold, now we have to have the whole wall removed and replaced. By the way the counter tops are not even laminated correctly instead of one piece of laminate they have a top piece and the round front has another so the is a seam that has stared to open.

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