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Clayton Mobile Home Reviews

Clayton mobile homes are ultra-affordable manufactured homes built and sold throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. Throughout the United States, however, they sell homes under a variety of different brand names – through a “family of brands” – Shult, Crest, Karsten, Marlette, Golden West, SE Homes, Norris, Giles, Cavalier, and Buccaneer Homes. Clayton has been in the mobile home manufacturing business since 1934 and are the largest manufacturer of mobile homes in the US.

Types of Homes

Considering manufactured (mobile) homes alone, Clayton has nearly 400 models given any location. The diversity of manufactured homes available is incredible – everything from 677 square feet, to over 2000 square feet, 1-5 bedrooms, 1-3 bathrooms, covered porches, split bedrooms, and diverse kitchen designs (with and without islands). Because of the wide variety of homes and floor plans to choose from (a search will return results from the entire brand family, not just Clayton brand), the manufacturer does not have an option for customization. However, a simple search in a given area code without any bedroom or bathroom or other criteria returns an overwhelming amount of results! Therefore, it is best for you to narrow the search down by price, space requirements, and other wants and needs for you and your family.

Environmental Information

Clayton Homes headquarters are LEED Certified, but make no mention as to whether or not their suppliers are LEED Certified. However, they do have the Energy Star rated i-house – a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly home that offers the following amenities:
•    Solar panels (will help greatly reduce energy costs throughout the home)
•    Rain water catchment system (to harvest rain water for lawn irrigation, car washing, or flushing toilets, and other non-potable uses)
•    Low “E” windows (windows with low-emittance coatings, designed to suppress heat flow)
•    Tank-less water heater
•    Low-flow faucets
•    Renewable bamboo flooring (highly sustainable wood)

Should you not be interested in the i-house model, you will still find environmentally-friendly Clayton manufactured homes throughout the diverse selection of floor plans. Clayton makes Energy Star approved homes that feature energy efficient HVAC systems, low-emittance windows, insulation that meets and/or exceeds national code requirements, and tight construction and ducts that ensure drafts are eliminated, as well as the added benefit of reduction of pollen, dust, moisture, and pests.

Advantages of Clayton Homes

Perhaps the greatest advantage in purchasing a Clayton home is the variety from which to choose – you can select a home that meets your unique needs and the requirements of your family – no matter how big or small that family is. Additionally, you can choose homes that have “bonus” features, such as spas, custom cabinets, and high-end appliances. A manufactured home with a spacious kitchen is not impossible with a Clayton home. The lack of customization might be a drawback for some, but when searching for a Clayton home, you will likely find something that fits your specific idea of what an ideal home is.

There is a practical advantage as well, for the pragmatic consumer. The manufactured homes are efficiently built and functional. They do tend to lean toward a look of a “classic” mobile home (although that term has been eschewed by most manufacturers due to its connotation of not being built to proper HUD codes), and while some people prefer fancier designs, the functionality of these homes have an appeal all their own.

Clayton manufactured homes are by far the most affordable for the quality and space offered. They are built to Federal HUD regulations in a controlled factory environment, and have been in business for over 75 years.

4 thoughts on “Clayton Mobile Home Reviews”

  1. I would like to tour one of your factories as we are considering buying a new manufactured home with 1800 to 2000 sq.ft. 3 or 4 bedrooms and at least 2 baths.
    We are located in Salem, Oregon

  2. We like what we have seen with Clayton homes but their sales people don’t seem real eager to sell a house. We found a 2 bedroom home floor plan that we like but, the sales person doesn’t seem real eager to help. We need to still sell the house we’re in, but it seems we could use a little advice on what we could or should be doing. What to do as far as ordering a home. Maybe we better just ask for a different sales person. I know we don’t like pushy sales people,but if your there to sell a home a little “energy” would be nice to see.

  3. we were going to buy a 100,000 home from Marty Wright in Pageland sc. When we went to fill out the paper work Mr. Wight was very disrespectful to me and my family. We bought one in Lancaster sc. Wonderful home assholes for sales people.

  4. we bought a home for us and one for my inlaws a yr ago from okc we have had a horrible time gettinmaintanance done and even 5 months ago we heard the blocks under our trailer fall and was told that was not their problem that was cosmetic now we have a roof that leks and were told we don repair homes unless their under warranty when asked for a referral was told we look around all this after thewy told us before the warranty was up that if we gave then a great review they would extend our warranty runnnnnn

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