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Palm Harbor Mobile Home Reviews

Palm Harbor Homes are considered the “high end” homes among manufactured houses. Like Clayton Homes, they offer the same all-in-one manufacturing, financing, and insurance, but, unlike them, the initial investment is greater. Palm Harbor homes, however, delivers a great deal of quality and attention to their houses and to their customers.

Types of Homes

Over 500 floor plans are available to choose from with Palm Harbor, and they offer a certain degree of customizable options – such as gourmet kitchens, DuraBuilt cabinets, hand-laid ceramic tiling, and spa bathrooms – just to name a few.

Palm Harbor manufactured homes are available in 20 states throughout the US, and British Columbia in Canada. Each available floor plan is built to the Federal HUD code requirements, and designed to withstand the particular weather conditions unique to each area. They have a large selection of homes that, naturally, vary from area to area, but the choices within each area are just as diverse as the next.

The choices you have with Palm Harbor are to purchase a manufactured home that can be built to your specifications (a base model with your preferences), or, you may also select from a variety of “move-in ready” homes – manufactured homes that are ready for immediate residence with short building times to no building times.

Environmental Information

Palm Harbor has a commitment to making every manufactured home of theirs green and energy efficient. This, of course, will save you and your household money in the long run – a return on your investment, in other words. The features of Palm Harbor Homes that make them green are as follows:
•    SmartPlus Construction: This is Palm Harbor’s name for their building system. They have a standardized practice to reduce waste, use everything they purchase from their suppliers, and quality control measures that mean, in the end, you will save money through purchasing a Palm Harbor house.
•    Low and No Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Paints and Adhesives: VOCs give off toxic emissions that can make your household sick with respiratory problems. Low and no VOC paints and adhesives will improve indoor air quality, making it easier to breathe for your whole family.
•    Blower Testing: This is a quality control measure to ensure that air flow is efficient throughout the manufactured home, and that all seals are properly tight. This will help reduce or eliminate drafts, pollen, dust, and pests.
•    Commitment to Recycling: Due to the SmartPlus construction system, included is a standard of recycling and reusing materials. This helps keep costs down so that your investment is not exorbitant.
•    Factory, Indoor Construction and Storage: Factory building, like the other manufacturers, keeps everything indoors in a controlled, secure environment. Materials are also stored indoors, meaning reduced risk of theft loss or environmental damage.
•    Energy Star Homes and LEED Certified Suppliers: Palm Harbor uses LEED Certified suppliers, and makes Energy Star rated homes, saving you money in utility bills.
•    Tight Construction of Ducts and Ventilation: In addition to blower testing, the construction of the homes is tight, meaning that drafts are eliminated, and reduction of pests, pollen, and dust are seen.

Palm Harbor homes have built houses for the show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” chosen for their quality and efficiency. They also come with a five-year exclusive warranty, which no other company has offered. If you have a large family, particular tastes and requirements, and would like all-in-one manufacturing, financing, and insurance for your manufactured (mobile) home, you may find exactly what you need with Palm Harbor Homes.

6 thoughts on “Palm Harbor Mobile Home Reviews”

  1. Granted, this was an older mobile home, but I purchased a 1986 Palm Harbor. We’ve had to replace everything but the framing. We had to replace the floors which fell apart, the plumbing which blew apart at every joint, and the siding which literally came apart and fell off the house. I’d originally purchased the Palm Harbor in 1990 because I *thought* a Palm Harbor was supposed to be “top of the line”. It was, instead, horrible. The cabinets have fallen apart, the particle board used in their construction couldn’t stand up to any kind of use. My Mikasa was broken to bits when the shelves collapsed when the mobile home was only about 10 years old. There’s NO WAY I’d ever buy another Palm Harbor. And their salesmen LIE!! Before I purchased it, I asked if the floors were plywood. The salesman told me yes! LIE!!! BUYER BEWARE when buying a Palm Harbor!!

    1. We bought ours last year..built in 2000. It’s a fortress.. not a single problem..2×6 exterior construction ( wall/ roof) built for zone 1 ( colder climates) so it’s incredibly well with insulated and cools extremely well too.

  2. I looked at various manufactured home companies. Well over 3 months before I decided to purchase our 2014 1800sq ft Pecan Valley Palm Harbor Home. We had a pleasant experience at the local Oklahoma City office from the beginning at viewing, financing, and the placing of our home on our 5 acres. Our home has been wonderful & it’s built to last! We have had 1 issue where one tile was cracked on the back splash on one side of our kitchen. They fixed it within 48hrs of us contacting them. Love the fireplace & it has my dream kitchen. For the price there was no way I could have built a home with the amenities I have. The quality of our home is fantastic. Palm Harbor has always been professional & courteous to us even with all our calls and questions. I would highly reccomend Palm Harbor for the quality of home they offer as well as their professional and friendly staff.

  3. This was a horrible experience. The quality of workmanship is subpar. Many things were broken or damaged and the contract makes the buyer responsible for everything. So for example, the house was delivered with 3 HUGE dents in the fridge door. They claimed they’ll replace it but it’s been nearly 2 months and nothing. A light in the pantry didn’t function and still no replacement. The plumbing leaked under the house because there was a crack in a 90-degree joint and they tried to glue it instead of just putting a new joint on. There were electrical issues, fixture issues, siding issues, and more. The seller shrugged it off and pointed to palm harbor for resolution. Palm harbor says, “we’ll see what we can do, but we’re really backed up so.. ” and then haven’t heard anything since… Been a month for some issues and several weeks for others and NOTHING. IMO, DONT DO IT. Really.. it’s too much of a risk with no responsibility

  4. We bought our 2012 Palm Harbor Timberlake TLI376ZZ8 in 2013 as a DEMO unit.
    We used it as a Winter Vacation home. It has had numerous upgrades, which we knew from the get go, would be needed.

    Window quality, insulation, doors, fixtures, stools, cabinets, vanities, counters are all subpar. You can count on replacing all these.

    The only thing going for it was size: 18x75ft. We still added another 16x75ft “Texas Room”, with vaulted ceiling, and a triple carport. With all that, we finally felt like we were living in a decent space.

    There is a lot of wasted vertical space in this MH, behind the shower wall, above the AC/Heater, and above the water heater. We bought a shorter “fatter” WH, and made an elevated counter for clothes in the utility room.

    The number of cabinets are also lacking. We added a dozen more.

    We are pulling this unit out of a park, and taking it out to an acreage, where we hope it will enjoy a long happy life.

  5. Our Pecan Valley modular was put together on our acreage by Palm Harbor Homes in Oklahoma City in 2014. We have had 4 major pipes break since that time due to the pipes being put together with aluminum fittings that rust and break consistently in any type of weather. The pipes always break at times with no freezing temperatures. No one will accept responsibility for this cheap fittings and our ongoing flooding issues. Palm Harbor blames the manufacturer. The manufacturer blames Palm Harbor. We paid 20,000 extra to upgrade our home to modular for upgraded parts to last. This is not worth the money. Beware of constant maintenance issues with these homes

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