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The 3 Cheapest Places to Buy a Mobile Home

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Mobile homes have been increasing in popularity over the years and for a variety of good reasons. Mobile homes offer all of the modern convenience of a single-family home, just in a more compact space. Though they might not be luxury mansions, mobile homes can be your dream home. From the compact, affordability, and portability, you can get just about anything you would find in a modern home. From porches to sizeable living rooms to multiple bedrooms and high-end kitchens, you can also have the flexibility you want in determining where your mobile home will go.

Whether you are looking to save money on your primary residence or are looking for a budget-friendly second home conveniently located in one of the many mobile home parks throughout the country, mobile homes are an excellent option. Many people mistakenly think that even a mobile home can be expensive. This is simply not the case. Doing just a bit of homework makes it possible to find a quality mobile home without breaking the bank. So, where are the cheapest places to buy a mobile home?

3 Cheapest Places to Buy a Mobile Home 

If you are ready to purchase a mobile home, there are some inexpensive options that you might not know about. Check out our list of three places where you can buy a mobile home for cheap.

1.     eBay is a great place to buy a mobile home

Ebay is about more than just used clothing, games, and toys. Nowadays, you can buy just about anything on eBay. Just search for mobile homes, tiny houses, or modular and manufactured homes, and you will be served up a wide variety of options from various price points. And, though most eBay transactions go quite smoothly, eBay offers a money-back guarantee that will protect the buyer if they don’t receive the item or if they item doesn’t match the listing. If a seller isn’t willing to partner with the buyer to resolve an issue, eBay can often step in to help both parties find an agreeable resolution.

This all said, if you wish to purchase a mobile home or any other item on eBay, you should be sure to do the following.

  1. Research the price of the used mobile home and compare it against a comparable new one. Though eBay is a cheap place to buy a mobile home, it doesn’t mean that it is the cheapest one out there. eBay sellers occasionally jack up prices or don’t know how to price items realistically. So, make sure that you do your homework beforehand.
  2. Look at what others have paid for comparable mobile homes.
  3. Don’t assume you have to pay the listed price. When it comes to mobile homes, many sellers are willing to bargain with you.
  4. Suppose you aren’t ready to buy right away, set up alerts for mobile homes. This will ensure that you are alerted when relevant homes become available.
  5. Look into the details on how the mobile home will get to you so that there are no surprises. Mobile homes aren’t going to be shipped like a sweater or a set of new tires.
  6. Check eBay Local for sellers in your area. This will make it far easier for you to see the mobile home before putting out a dollar value and making an offer.
  7. Determine in advance what the maximum price is that you will want to pay and don’t go over. EBay’s auction nature can be extremely addictive and can be dangerous territory if you aren’t careful or don’t know what you are doing.

2.     Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to buy a mobile home

Social media has taken the world by storm. As of the fourth quarter of 2020, there is now an estimated 2.8 billion users on Facebook. And, in 2016, Facebook launched Marketplace, which has fundamentally changed the way that people shop. Now, it is easier than ever to get products like used cars, mobile homes, and more in front of buyers looking to make that type of purchase.

Facebook has worked hard to make Marketplace a safe and trusted community. When it comes to online shopping, both buyers and sellers want to have confidence in the shopping experience. Facebook is committed to detecting and removing inappropriate content and analyzing the images, content, and context within every listing. Buyers and sellers have the opportunity to rate one another, which means that you might be able to see what others have experienced when purchasing from a particular seller.

Marketplace also offers robust reporting tools so that buyers can report items that shouldn’t be for sale on the platform. Those looking to buy a mobile home will continue to see added features coming on Marketplace in the months and years to come, guaranteed to make transactions safer and more accessible too.

3.     Mhvillage is the perfect place for those wanting to purchase a mobile home from a dedicated site

If you would prefer to purchase your mobile home from a provider specializing in mobile home sales, then Mhvillage might be the best option for you. The Mhvillage website lists homes available for sale in all major markets within the United States and many midsized markets. With over 25 million unique visitors each year, there are well over 28,000 mobile homes and manufactured homes available for purchase. However, it’s important to note that, similar to eBay and Facebook Marketplace, Mhvillage does not own the mobile homes available on the site. Instead, the mobile homes listed as available are listed on the site by sellers who have set up a seller profile. To find a mobile home, you can get started quickly by searching for mobile homes made available for sale by sellers in a particular zip code.

Not only will you be sure to find the right mobile home for you at a great price, but you will also be able to access listings for mobile home parks and manufactured home communities. And this can be beneficial as if you don’t have a lot identified, you will need to find one soon. The site is easy to use and allows you to filter and narrow your search based on the mobile home features that you are looking for. You can check boxes based on your preferences, such as looking for a pet-friendly community, retirement community, or space on private land or resident-owned.

It’s easy to find the right mobile home for you at a great price

If you’re in the market for a mobile home, you can rest assured that there will be the perfect one waiting for you to find on one of these recommended sites. New mobile homes are made available all the time, so if you aren’t ready to buy one today, another home will be available tomorrow, next month, next year, or whenever it is the right time for you. When you do the proper homework and use these three cheap places to buy a mobile home, you will be sure to be delighted and satisfied with your buying decision.

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