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The 6 Best Mobile Homes for the Money

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Most people don’t really think about the different mobile home manufacturers until they decide they might want one. Where do you start? What materials and construction are the best? Which manufacturers make the best mobile homes for the money? What is a reasonable price, and what is not? All of these are necessary questions to ask when considering getting a loan to purchase a mobile home, so let’s take a look at some of the best mobile homes you can buy. 

Skyline Homes

Skyline Homes is one of the most respected mobile home manufacturers and has won several awards for the quality of their creations. The number and models of homes available to you will depend on what area you live in or if you are willing to travel, as the homes available in different areas vary. While many of Skyline Homes’s products are 3-bedroom mobile homes, Skyline Homes also sells one of the greatest 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom homes with its Shore Park line. Skyline Homes has an excellent website that is easy to use and allows you to get in touch with a retailer from their website. While prices are usually not listed, the smallest and most basic homes start around $50,000. 

TRU Homes

TRU Homes was created with the goal of making first time homeownership a breeze for consumers while also keeping the price affordable. The most basic TRU homes start around just $30,000 and the company strives to make the purchasing process as streamlined as possible. The company offers both single-wide and double-wide mobile homes from a 765 square foot Bliss model up to a 2001 square foot Triumph model that has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. If you are in or near Alabama, Tennessee, or Texas, you can even ask a sales representative to give you a tour of the building facility where your mobile home would be built. 

Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes is another great mobile home manufacturer if you live in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia or Washington. Perhaps the best homes Palm Harbor Homes offers are their larger 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom Benbrook models. These are an impressive 76’ x 30’ and even feature an island in the kitchen and plenty of seating room all throughout. Many owners have reported their mobile homes from Palm Harbor Homes have withstood even the harshest weather conditions, including hurricanes and other strong storms. You can easily request a quote for any of their mobile homes on their website. 

Silvercrest Homes

Silvercrest Homes offers mobile homes of all sizes, and all come with the so-called Silvershield warranty, which lasts 7 years. This is longer than most other companies’ warranties and covers more than 30 things throughout the homes including major appliances, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electric systems. Silvercrest has a wonderful Bradford line that has plenty of customization, but its 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom Athens Park models are small but extremely attractive with unique curvature on the outside. Silvercrest Homes mobile homes are built both for park communities or just private property, and if you’re looking for a mobile home that will stand out among the rest, one of them might be perfect for you. 

Clayton Homes

If affordability of a larger home is on the top of your priority list, Clayton Homes might be a very good place to look to get the best mobile home for your money. Clayton Homes got its start in 1956 when its founder set out on a journey to make homeownership a possibility for anyone nationwide. Clayton Homes has more than 350 store locations, so be sure to find out if one is in your area if you’re in the market for a mobile home. Prices for these homes start at about $80,000, which includes some multi-bedroom mobile homes like the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1,475 square foot “Thrill” model that features vaulted ceilings and a breakfast bar. 

Adventure Homes

Many mobile homeowners want their new abode as customized to their wants and needs as possible. Adventure Homes allows some of the best customizability, ranging from the side paneling to countertops and lighting. You can pick from three so-called series: the Nevada Series, the Mojave Series, and the Sahara Modular Series. These are available in many different floor plans, sizes, and layouts, and you can find all kinds of decor guides and option catalogs through Adventure Homes. Best of all, you have more of a sense of control over the final price since you choose your own customizations. The company’s website states it has won the respected MHI Interior Design Award every year since 2016, so it’s worth taking a look at Adventure Homes to see what is available to you. 


Ultimately, if you’re in the market to buy a mobile home, treat it like any major purchase and make a budget alongside a list of your requirements and desired features. Be sure to organize your list using a tool such as Zintego. Getting quotes from different companies is always recommended, but any of the six mobile home manufacturers outlined above may get you the best mobile home for your money. 

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