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The 3 Cheapest Places to Buy a Tiny Home Online

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Though tiny homes are growing more popular, they are still unconventional. Therefore, they can be purchased unconventionally as well. Potential tiny home buyers are increasingly turning to the internet to find and purchase new houses.

Buying a home online may seem strange but it’s a great way to find a fantastic deal. Obviously, buying a purchase this large, without being able to view the home, or the parts from which it will be constructed, can be daunting. However, there are plenty of reputable websites that make the process stress-free.

You can buy this tiny home on ebay for $27,000.

What are tiny homes?

There is no one, absolute definition of a tiny home though, as the name suggests, they are homes that are quite small. Tiny homes are generally around 600 square feet or less but can be larger as well. They can be built on a foundation though they are often built on wheels so they can be easily transported. Much of the appeal of tiny homes is staying true to a more minimalist lifestyle as well as having the option to easily move to different locales.

There are plenty of advantages to living in a tiny house including reduced financial burden, smaller environmental impact, and a movement towards a simpler life.  But because these homes are generally considered personal property (not real estate), they depreciate in value. Buying a previously owned tiny home can be a great way to make a smart investment.

As the popularity of these pint-sized dwellings increases, their inventory also grows. But where should you go to find a great deal? Whether you are looking to buy a new, fully constructed home or a previously owned tiny home or a tiny home kit, these three online sites are excellent, reputable places to find quality tiny home at affordable prices.


As one of the first and oldest online marketplaces, eBay has a robust community of buyers and sellers. As a consumer-to-consumer platform, eBay allows items to be sold for a fixed price or to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Because of this type of bidding, pricing can vary quite a bit from traditional online retailers. Essentially goods on eBay cost as much as someone is willing to pay for them.

Like other massive online retailers, on eBay you can find just about anything you are looking for, including tiny homes. The inventory on eBay is constantly shifting as more people list and buy tiny homes. You can find both new and used homes or tiny home building kits on eBay.

Prices can range anywhere from $200,000 to $3,000 so the quality and size of these homes varies widely. Most average sized tiny homes hover closer to $15,000 to $40,000. You really need to be smart about purchasing through eBay and do your homework. Ask the seller questions and take the time to read all the fine print and the seller’s previous reviews and feedback. Also consider these questions before you get started: What do you think the true value of the home you want to buy is? Is the starting bid close to that number? How high are you willing to go?

eBay has a number of features to help buyers try to get the lowest possible price including their “buy it now” option or tools to see how many other people are interested or “watching” the home. If there are many people watching, the price will likely go higher. Also pay particular attention to shipping costs. This can be one way eBay can help you save money. Sellers might be more willing to negotiate than other more traditional sellers.

eBay has measures to ensure both buyers and sellers are protected from fraud and scams. Don’t hesitate to contact customer support if necessary.

Jamaica Cottage Shop

Buy this house for $4735

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a specialty construction and home building retailer featuring a good inventory of tiny homes. What started as a small Vermont business has grown to become a booming business featured on some of today’s most popular home shows and channels including HGTV, DIY network, and Travel Channel.

Not only will Jamaica Cottage Shop provide you will expert know how and experience, they’ll also give you excellent prices. You can choose from a new, fully built tiny home, a complete all-in-one pre-cut kit, or even the frame only. They have tiny homes built on foundations or on wheels. Most of their tiny homes come in a variety of sizes with customizations to create a home that will best suit your needs.

You know exactly what you are paying for at Jamaica Cottage Shop and the team is dedicated to finding you the perfect tiny home. Throughout the year, Jamaica Cottage Shop runs deals and specials to bring you some of the lowest prices on the tiny market nationwide. Their shipping costs are some of the cheapest you’ll find. They offer free shipping on most items nationwide. They also have a 200 miles in-house delivery radius. Homes outside this area, are delivered using third party freight.

At Jamaica Cottage Shop, they will show you endless possibilities of tiny houses that maximize space while remaining within your budget. You can see tiny house layouts and floor plans to get a better idea of what is possible. They even have options for either three- or four-season homes. Their comprehensive website and professional know-how will be invaluable during your tiny home search process.

In addition to top quality products at unbeatable prices, Jamaica Cottage Shop also has a team of four financing partners that are ready to work with you and within your budget to get you into the tiny home of your dreams. Their sales team will help you determine which financing option is best for your specific circumstances.


Buy this house on Amazon for $8495

As one of the world’s largest retailers, Amazon offers buyers quite a few advantages like convenience, selection, and a reputation for quick delivery. While buying a tiny home on their website might seem strange, it is an excellent way to potentially score a great deal.

If you plan to do most of the assembly and construction yourself, Amazon is a great place to look for your next tiny home. Choose from hundred of kits (mostly described as “cabin” or “storage” kits) in a variety of shapes and sizes. An advantage to browsing on Amazon is their built-in features that point you to similar products. You can also easily compare products to better understand what is included in each kit.

While it might take some time for some tiny homes to ship, once they do, shipping is fast and, in many cases, free. This will definitely help you save compared to buying on other sites.  Similar to buying on eBay, be sure to pay attention to details when buying on Amazon. Read through all product descriptions and details and take the time to read reviews and questions and answers.

You Can Save a Lot by Buying a Tiny Home Online

Buying a tiny home can be intimidating. Not only because it marks a stark difference in their way of life, but also because of the uncertainty around how to buy one and the associated costs and labor. Amazon, eBay, Jamaica Cottage Shop are all some of the best places to find lovely tiny homes at great prices.

While all of these shops will give you some of the cheapest prices on the market, also note that in many cases if the offer feels too good to be true, it probably is. Do adequate research to understand exactly what you are buying – and grab a great deal when you find one!

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